The most difficult part of the relocation is creating a schedule that comparable to the present schedule.  This usually means more time for the parent during major holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and Summers.

​As a parent,  the focus should be on the child's best interest, and not a parent's personal interest.

Relocation of a Minor Child

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​Locations in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Jupiter

Relocation of a minor child is a very difficult issue for the Court to address.  Unfortunately,  it is very difficult to compromise, and one parent will inevitably win, and the other parent will lose.

There is a statute in Florida that prevents the relocation of a child for more then 50 miles.

To legally relocate, the Court will review the evidence on the issues of the overall improvement to lifestyle, child's preference, reason for relocation and objection to relocation, current economic situation and future improvement.    Litigation is unnecessary with the parties are able to agree


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