This is necessary when there are unwed parent's and it is necessary to establish the rights of each parent. Establishing paternity benefits both parties, because each parent will know their rights and obligations. The Paternity case will establish custody, a timesharing schedule, exchange locations, transportation, child support, sharing of information such as education, health, medical and right to be involve in major decisions in the children's lives.  

An unwed Mother may relocate and move with the minor child without the fear of being held in Contempt. However,  if a paternity case is pending, or if the Court has established a custody arrangement,  the child may not be relocated more then 50 miles.  If a parent violates the terms of a paternity case,  then the moving parent may be held in contempt and incarcerated.

Child support is computed with a formula that takes into account the the parent's income, health insurance, and daycare.  The Court may also require the parties to contribute to the child's cost of education, medical bills, prescriptions, optometry, dental, tutoring, summer camps, and extracurricular activities.

The overwhelming interest of the Court is to protect the the minor child, and to assure a good childhood.  One parent will not have the right to dictate the other parent's relationship with their child,  nor are the parents allowed to alienate the other parent.  

If a paternity action is not filed,  neither parent is required to anything, and you are left dangling in the wind.

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