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​Locations in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Jupiter

common examples of assets to be divided between the parties.   Everyone is required to provide full financial disclosure, and neither spouse is permitted to hide their assets. Both parties are required to provide bank statements, tax returns, brokerage statements, wire transfers, paystubs, 1099’s profit and loss statements, and almost any other evidence needed for the Court in divide the assets.  Even pre-marital assets may be divided by the Court.  

Many spouses think all the assets are theirs because they are the one who worked for it,  but that is not consistent with the law.  When the two of you got married,  there is no such thing as mine and yours,  its all marital.  

Usually the marital home becomes a large source of argument.  There are many options available to resolve this issue, and the Court's will often focus on the children's need and where they are going to reside.  The Court's will try to maintain the status quo for the child,  even if it comes with an objection from the other spouse.

All assets acquired during the marriage are divided between the parties equally.  It doesn’t matter if the asset is only titled in one persons name, or not, its all marital.   Homes, cars, stocks, retirements, and pensions, are all

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