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​Locations in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Jupiter

​Life would be much more simple if everyone was a w-2 wage earner, and they received a paycheck, but because we live in South Florida, it requires a more savvy approach to determine their real income. Just because they own their own business, or work under the table, it doesn't mean they have the right to dictate the amount of child support they have to pay. 

The obligation to pay child support comes first, before they have a right to eat, pay the mortgage/rent, or even turn on the electricity.  For parents who run their own business or earn cash,  the Court may impute income on the parent based on their work experience, education, training, and experience.  The overwhelming interest of the Court is to make sure children are supported. 

In addition to child support, parent's may be held responsible for paying the cost of education, summer camps, extracurricular activities, tutors, prescriptions, private school, and life insurance.

If a parent is found in contempt for failure to pay child support,  they can be incarcerated into the custody of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.   Jail is the greatest motivator !!!

In Florida, child support is determined by using a mathematical formula.  The formula takes into account the parents incomes, the amount of overnight timesharing, health insurance, and daycare/aftercare.  Most cases center around the incomes of the parents, which is why you need aggressive legal representation.

Child Support: