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​Locations in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Jupiter

Custody is one of the most highly litigated areas of the law.  You will have the right to present a wide scope of evidence to the Court in support of the best custody arrangement.  

The Court will factor in which parent has been traditionally responsible for the care of he child, who stayed home to child care, who addressed the medical, and education needs, who has the ability to care for the child without the usage of daycare or babysitters, history of alcohol or drug abuse, and pretty much any other fact relevant to assist the Court.   

The “right of first refusal” is a common rule utilized in custody cases, because instead of putting a child in daycare or with a babysitter,  the other parent has the right to spend time with the child.  There is no need for a stranger to be with the child when a family member could enjoy the time.

The Court has a wide variety of options available to safeguard your relationship with you children.  We can utilize many of these safeguards to protect your rights.

"Sometimes you have to do whats best for you and your child,  not everyone else"