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When addressing alimony, there is no room for greedy, or ego driven spouses, it’s really about being fair and reasonable. 

Alimony is based on a spouse’s need and the other spouse’s ability to pay. Alimony success is usually dependent on proving the income of the other spouse.  Regardless of whether the income comes in the form of a paycheck, or if their income is cash,  income is income. 

To determine alimony,  the Court will analyze the duration of the marriage, standard of living, incomes of the parties, and a spouse’s contribution to the marriage by child rearing.   Unfortunately,  there isn’t a formula to determine how much alimony a spouse would have to pay,  but this gives the Court the freedom to do equity, and justice between the parties. 

In a Court of Law, speculation will not hold much weight,  everything has to be proven with facts.  This is where legal representation needs to be creative. Whether you are the one paying alimony, or if you are the one receiving alimony,  it is not meant to leave anyone homeless and on the street.   If a spouse is in contempt for not paying alimony,  the Court may put them in jail for their non-payment.