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"You really find out who you are married to when you get a divorce" 

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You don’t have to endure divorce or family matters alone.  All too often,  your spouse does not want you to hire an attorney, and they want to resolve everything, without the advice of an experienced attorney.     Essentially,  they looking out for their own best interest.  

You only have one shot to handle these issues,  because most the time,  the law does not allow you to change the agreement after it has been signed. Not all lawyers are the same, and most lawyers do not have the experience needed to guide you through this complex process. 

Michael S. Dyer, Esq. has over 14 years experience as an aggressive divorce/family attorney in Palm Beach County.   When you hire Michael Dyer,   Michael Dyer is the attorney who will handle your case.  Your case will not be shuffled to any other attorney.   Every case is unique,  and we recognize the parents are unique, the issues are unique, and the children are definitely unique.  You can't let just any attorney handle the rest of your life.  I offer a free consultation for us to meet and discuss all the issues involved in your case.

Emergencies do not happen between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday,  which is why every single client has Michael Dyer’s cell phone.  Whenever children are involved,   the decisions you make now will greatly effect your children for the rest of their lives.

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